Let me introduce myself to you,

 my name is Onny, born in Thailand. I draw and paint as long as I can remember,
also my 2 brothers have always been creative from air brush to sand and ice sculptures.
So I come from a very creative family. With this creativity, the step to becoming a professional tattoo artist had become more accessible.

In terms of styles, I prefer Color and black n grey (sur)realism with a twist of myself,  but in principle I can do everything that suits you.

I also have invented a own style based on asian art, with a modern twist.

Besides being a Full-Time Traveling Tattoo Artist, I am also a Full Time mother of 3 beautiful daughters.
The combination is not always easy, but we make it work with the help of the Family.

Before working as a Tattoo Artist, i have followed the Architecture school, and worked as a head chef for years. Since tattooing changed my whole life style i wish i had found it before,